Talent Development

Talent Development – Your Employees‘ Successes are Your Successes

Especially with regard to leadership many well intended trainings trickle away due to a lack of tranfer and applicability in daily work. Therefore my main focus lies on tailor-made workshops that respond to participants‘ situations and company culture – no standardized programmes but jointly dealing with real business situations. Starting point are the participants’ experiences and strengths, in order to reach out to the less developed behaviours so new solutions can be generated for actual concerns.  

An example: On occasion of a large group conference about strategic organisational change of a department, a participant approached me who had participated in one of my leadership programmes 2 years ago. His topic had been how to deal with the shadow IT on the side of his internal IT customer organization. As an internal expert, he had felt undermined and kept away at arm’s length. So we worked with his attitude towards these customers, looked into his opportunities for influencing them and to being more relaxed with his responses. Now he beamed at me and said: „I still look daily at my core phrase that we have developed together, and since then my customers are friendly und uncomplicated!“ 

Earning while Learning

EQ.Max - Emotional Intelligence:
With EQ.Max I support the development of those behavioural components within your talent pool that are crucial for your long-term success – customized and based on practical  applications. I always pay attention to implementing the learnings and to directly transfer them into operational business, without blueprints, but individually designed for your organisaton culture.

Leadership Development Programmes:
In my workshop based programmes, high performers are inspired to more self-reflection, higher awareness of their own strengths and developmental areas as well as to more appreciating behaviours with colleagues and subordinates. Next to necessary theoretical concepts, I make a lot of room for real individual learning projects, in order to test new behaviours and create progress within the organization at the same time. Especially dealing with the challenges that a modern matrix organization creates, attitudes and behaviours are reshaped to successfully run a truly global organization.

Business Coaching:
supports higher self-awareness, approaches actual challenges in an innovative way and thus enlarges the behavioural repertoire of the coachee long-lastingly.